Wireless Performance

Black Box Network Services delivers mission-critical Wi-Fi performance through engineered coverage and optimized WLAN capacity, enabling all key wireless services and ensuring devices get connected and stay connected throughout the enterprise.

Engineered Coverage

Consistent coverage is the first step in ensuring a seamless wireless experience. Black Box Network Services engineers coverage and signal strength that meets the stringent requirement of the most demanding Wi-Fi clients, including voice handsets, data/video tablets, and even medical devices.

Black Box Network Services has pioneered an RF engineering process that thoroughly documents the wireless performance characteristics of 802.11. Aided by extensive knowledge of how virtually every building material effects RF signal penetration, Black Box Network Services optimally engineers the deployment to match your facility.

Optimized Capacity

Coverage is only half of the Wi-Fi battle. With the dramatic increase in the number and density of devices and applications, a new challenge lies in optimizing Wi-Fi capacity. Yet, because of the complicated interdependent relationship between coverage and capacity, most organizations have difficulty striking the right balance that optimizes Wi-Fi performance.

That’s where Black Box Network Services comes in.

Scalable Channel Layering
InnerWirelessHD3 enables multiple, independent WLANs across your facility, using filtering and provisioning practices to increase the number of traffic channels, allowing you to scale the overall capacity of your WLAN network in high-traffic areas, even facility-wide.

Application Grouping
Our design allows similar applications to be grouped on individual traffic channels, so that a single channel carries similar traffic. For critical applications, such as VoWLAN, this eliminates application contention, improves bandwidth, latency and throughput, and maximizes the number of users per application.

802.11 Protocol Optimization
Contemporary clients can be separated from legacy clients, allowing all clients to operate at their maximum data rates, including 802.11n clients that operate as if they are connected to a greenfield 802.11n network.

Black Box Network Services successfully enables key WLAN services through engineered coverage and optimized capacity to achieve mission-critical performance. Through professional design and deployment services, we are able to achieve a 100% acceptance rate on every Wi-Fi deployment.