Lifecycle Management

As devices and applications continue to grow, safeguarding the long-term performance of your WLAN is critical to your overall wireless mission. As your wireless partner, Black Box Network Services is dedicated to assuring the performance of your WLAN beyond the initial deployment, assessing stability and readiness and helping you ensure success well into the future.

WLAN Design & Implementation

Either working in conjunction with your selected WLAN VAR or providing a turnkey solution, Black Box Network Services provides expertise in RF design and traffic management optimization. From network and RF design, to WLAN configuration and implementation, to capacity optimization, Black Box Network Services helps enable a mission-critical WLAN.  Additionally, our staging facility accelerates and simplifies onsite activities for a smooth implementation.

WLAN Assessment

Through automation and onsite analysis, we gather WLAN statistics to understand the operation, availability and performance of your Wi-Fi network. We check stability, review access points and analyze performance data to assess the overall health of your network and identify areas of optimization:

  • WLAN Stability Assessment - compares your WLAN configuration to best practices and initial deployment configuration
  • WLAN Performance Assessment – assesses capability and availability of your wireless network to ensure optimum performance
  • WLAN Future Readiness Assessment - predicts wireless network readiness to support new applications and additional devices in the future

Interoperability Lab

Understanding device behavior is critical to the continued performance of your mission-critical WLAN. Unique to Black Box Network Services, our interoperability lab validates RF performance of Wi-Fi devices and their impact on the network and other devices. Through this program, Black Box Network Services has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading WLAN infrastructure, device and application vendors.

With the support of lifecycle management services from Black Box Network Services, your mission-critical wireless can deliver everything, everywhere, everytime, and at a lower total cost of ownership to your enterprise.